Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting Crafty with Themes

On a typical day, I don't have to show my work to get a paycheck. I sign in, and spend the day supporting and bearing witness to some of the most creative, compassionate, and brilliant people passing their knowledge onto the next generation. Not a bad gig right?

But today I spent some time outside of the classrooms making the front hallway more cozy. Our theme this year is "Unlock Your Potential." It's a wonderful theme, but visually, it's pretty challenging to depict. Here's what I came up with:

I didn't have a choice when it came to the background board color or border, they are the school colors. The key is make from foam board. I traced it from a blown up image I found on the Internet. I taped it together to make it double in length. Finally, I sprayed it with Elmer's spray adhesive and doused it with extra fine white glitter. It was a wonderful experience that my porch will remember for years to come.

The 3-D key hole has a holographic poster board on flush on the bulletin board itself, and the black keyhole was cut and folded like and accordion and attached to the board. The sparkle elements coming from the key hole are the detached table sprays that I picked up from Party City for a $1 each. In spite of  my love for my Cricut, the Ellison in the teacher's lounge helped with the lettering. 

And I updated our case with a fall theme.
My favorite pieces are the owl and the fox.
The case was a cinch! A fall themed table cover works as the bottom. The fall leaves, autumn garland, fox, owl, and pumpkin I picked up from Jo-Ann's this weekend on clearance. The books are borrowed from our school's library, which include a Jan Brett classic, Berlioz The Bear. My son provided the stick, which doubles as a light saber by the way, and I attached falling leaves with fishing line and staples.

I still have to finish the Data boards and our parent involvement room boards. Let's just speak the truth, Pinterest has ruined me. I've been on Pinterest way too much trying to come up with something clever. Anthropology windows have me delusional. My ideas of grandeur aren't meant to be displayed on a 2-D 4' bulletin board, and I have no idea how to even create them. But I'm not going to worry about that tonight.

Tonight I'm thankful for a sweet lady that blessed my family. For my little girl starting cheer camp, my son improving his hand-eye coordination playing a game of catch with my husband, and my husband; who gives me room to be an introverted creative for just long enough to feel like myself again.